Indigenous Herbal Teas

Joyful taste with health benefits made from real ingredients

For the simple joys

Dweller started from a small place with real dreams to share authentic taste and hidden benefits of indigenous plants. Over 92% of our ingredients are grown and made locally for real difference.

dweller Testimonial
Amazing taste and so refreshing plus with health benefits my kids also loved it when its sweetened.
— Chitrarekha (Amazon buyer)
If you are a tea lover, go ahead and buy this. I had an opportunity to drink a cup of the red tea while I was in Manipur. The tea leaves brew so well and what's best than sitting on a rainy day with a hot cup of freshly brewed tea!
— Aditi Chatterjee
Dweller tea is unique and contains fresh flavours, which I have not tasted before. Happy to see it locally grown and caffeine free
— Thressy
It's one of the best tea..Provides an abundance of vitamin C..Amazingly refreshing. I like it with some pinch of salt. You can add sugar or just go plain.
— HC Nganbi
It is very useful for health .It is pure medicine tea . I fallen in love
— Thoudam Lenin singh
As if tea was made out of fresh cut lemongrass. Over the last couple of years I've tried several lemongrass teas but this one is clearly the winner...first tried it at Manipur at Dweller's cafe...then ordered via amazon...aroma is fresh and so is the taste...highly recommended.
— Atul Sinha
I am a tea lover. This is my second time purchase. I have previously bought 18 pack. As usual just WONDERFUL! Very refreshing and you will get over all of your tiredness. Original lemongrass flavour that you will cherish. This is a unique product.
— Debasish Mukherjee
Love to have this during the afternoon time at office and home. I ditch the normal red tea and started using this product only.
— Mr. JIC
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